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  1. Bill Macdonald says:

    Love your blog, following your trip is a welcome break. Bill Macdonald. macco@roadrunner.com

  2. Sandi Berry says:

    This is a wonderful blog., Who is the terrific photographer? It was fun to see our old stomping ground in NJ…. The infamous shallow Barneget Bay. have fun and stay safe!

    s/v Windquest

    • Hi Sandi – Finally getting to replying to all the blog comments! Gail takes most of the photos and I do most of the writing but we each cross into the others realms. Heading down to the Norfolk area this weekend to wait for the Tropical Storm to pass (we hope). Say hi to the Sabre gang for us. – Dave

      • Sandi Berry says:

        Hi Dave & Gail,

        Hope you are safely secured for “Sandy”. The gusts here in MA are a bit frightening given all the tall trees around us. We too, have hunkered down tonite and hope the worst will be over by tomorrow.

        Hope you have a wonderful departure after the storm.

        Sandi/ s/v Windquest

  3. Julie Waterman says:

    I just found your blog…I figured you were probably logging your trip. Love the pictures! Enjoying the trip and living vicariously through your journal!

  4. Dave and Gail: wonderful blog! We may cross paths in the Chesapeake or farther south along the coast. My dad and I plan to depart Annapolis aboard Muddy Waters on Monday, Oct. 29th. Wonderful seeing you again in Maine this summer. Please call on us when you’re in the Miami Beach area. Michael and family.

    • Michael – Good to hear from you. We will certainly be watching for Muddy Waters on the way south. Currently in Deltaville and probably will be in Norfolk/Portsmouth this weekend to wait out some bad weather (hopefully ‘Sandy’ stays offshore). Glad you are enjoying the blog. You showed us the way!

  5. Richard Klain says:

    Hi Dave and Gail! Ellen and I have enjoyed your blog immensely. She is in Maine and I am currently in Little Creek, VA where Moxie Cat and I weathered Sandy. Good to hear that you were in a safe place too. My crossing from Newport to Norfolk was very exciting as our electronics gave out and the motors couldn’t seem to charge the batteries. My buddy Eric and I navigated by dead reckoning and flashlights on the compass at night. I will keep an eye out for you on the ICW though I think you will be ahead of me. I will be leaving Friday morning. Keep up the great work.
    -Dick Klain and Moxie Cat.

  6. Richard Klain says:

    Today is Tuesday and I am in Oriental. I will be here until Friday morning visiting family and friends and avoiding Nor’easters which doesn’t look like much here yet. Guess I will be following your lead all the way through. My best to you and Gail. May the fair winds and following seas continue.

  7. Dave Carlson says:

    Hey Dave and Gail… I did some research for you after reading you 11/2 post. The very large building new Elizabeth City is for airships. TCOM’s manufacturing and flight test facility. From google maps, it appears there were two of these buildings. Currently there is one. The building’s length is 300 meters and can accommodate 6 fully inflated 71M airships.

    Enjoy reading your experience as you sail down the coast. Stay safe and look forward to seeing around the Christmas holiday time.

    Dave Carlson

  8. Rosann Bennett says:

    Enjoying your blog this cold Maine sunday morning. Reading about our beloved home state of South Carolina making us home sick.
    Wonderful photographs that are so familiar to us.

    Best wishes,
    Rosann & Jim Bennett

  9. Larry and Donna Lathrop says:

    Hi Gail and Dave, Larry and I have been enjoyingwatching your progress. What a fabulous experience! We are on the ICW about half way between Melbourne and Vero right near the Sebastian River Inlet. We watch the boats headed south every day and wonder if we will see Pathfinder when it goes by.

    • Hi Larry and Donna – Happy you are following along. We should be in Melbourne about Dec 7th for a couple of days then will head for Vero Beach. Not sure where we will be staying but you are more than welcome to visit Pathfinder when we do pick a spot. Do you know what mile marker on the Waterway your place in on?

      Dave & Gail

  10. Sandi Berry says:

    Gail & Dave,

    i thought that your “Pathfinder Thanksgiving” sounded and looked like the real deal…wonderful.

    Sandi Berry
    s/v Windquest

  11. Larry and Donna says:

    OK..4th try! I’m doing something wrong, obviously!!
    We’d love to meet up with you – go out to eat or we can bring you here for a relaxed dinner. We are between Melbourne and Vero (about 20-25 minutes either way). If it fits into your schedule you can call us at 207 671-7077 or email us.
    Donna & Larry

    • That sounds great. We are in Melbourne right now but pretty busy as there are seminars being put on by the ‘Seven Seas’ cruising association that we belong to. Plan to be in Vero on Sunday night and will be staying four days so will give you a call so we can all get together. – Dave

  12. Larry & Donna Lathrop says:

    Perfect! We have our big Christmas Open House on Sunday, and we are free the rest of the week until we fly back to ME on Sat. for Christmas. Will wait for your call.

  13. Larry & Donna Lathrop says:

    4th try again!….Sounds Perfect!! We are tied up with our big Christmas Open House on Sunday (40 people), but are free the rest of the week until we fly back to ME on Saturday for Christmas with our son and 4 grandsons! give us a call when you are settled in Vero. We can do something in Vero, or we can bring you here and you can shower, do laundry, relax on the patio, etc. Whatever fits into your schedule. Just call us at 207 671-7077.

    • Sounds good. Will give you a call on Monday.


    • Hi Larry and Donna – Thanks again for the wonderful meal and giving us a tour of your Barefoot home. Looking forward to those mashed potatoes! Gail was wondering if you could send your regular email address as she wold like to drop you a line.

      I was able to get the outboard going this morning. I had the ‘kill switch’ toggle in the wrong position. At least it was easy to fix!

      Take care and see you in Cumberland.

  14. Larry and Donna Lathrop says:

    We very much enjoyed your visit at our Florida Casa. We feel priviledged that you had the time to share a tiny piece of your trip with us. Our email is llathrop1@cfl.rr.com. We are not taking our computer to ME this trip so it will be shut down Friday evening. Take care and safe travels. See you soon.

  15. Paul and Kym Cournoyer says:

    Really enjoying living vicariously through your updates and photos! We’ll be in Georgetown on Great Exuma March 20-31. Are you planning on stopping there? Would love to hook up!
    Paul and Kym

    • Hi Paul & Kim – We may be in the Abacos by late March, but if we have a change in plans we’ll look for you in Georgetown. Just made Fort Lauderdale and had a great sail today. Will head for Coconut Grove tomorrow and start waiting for a weather window for the crossing to Bimini and Nassau. Give our regards to everyone at the ‘Moonlight Ski’. Glad to see that Bill is on his skis too.
      All the best,
      Dave & Gail

  16. Paul & Kym says:

    We’re currently visiting with relatives who just returned from Great Exuma and loved it! We see you’re currently anchored off Stocking Island. Looks like a great spot, based on the photos we just saw. We’ll be there on March 20th. Too bad that we’ll miss you. Understand that Chat n’ Chill is the place to gather on SI. Good burgers at Big D’s, too, on Hamburger Beach. Can’t wait to be there! We’ll watch your blog for good info for our visit.
    Paul and Kymmy

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