Setting Sail Again!


The Captain and the Admiral will be setting sail once again!  The direction will be a bit different this time though.  On or about August 1st we intend to take Pathfinder from Bayside (Northport, ME) to Mt. Desert and after a good night’s rest make a departure for the coast of Nova Scotia.   The planned first destination will be Shelburne (on the map below), a port to the east of Cape Sable and beyond the tides and currents of the Bay of Fundy.  The final destination is Cape Breton but we will remain flexible and try not to be forced along by a fixed schedule.

As with our voyages to the Bahamas, there is a large stretch of water to cross before we reach our cruising grounds.   Instead of the warm Gulf Stream, we will be crossing the chilly waters of the Bay of Fundy.  The distance from Northeast Harbor to Shelburne is 178 miles so we are hoping to make the crossing in 32 hours, arriving mid-day the day after our departure.  The weather “window” will be important so we will be watching it closely.  Good friend Rob Johnson will be joining the Captain and Admiral for the crossing.   An extra set of eyes will be welcome, particularly as the Cape Sable area has the well deserved reputation as a fog factory.

Unlike our Bahama trips, this one will be over in a month.  We plan to home about September 1st.  I hope everyone who reads along enjoys the voyage!



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One Response to Setting Sail Again!

  1. William Gates says:

    Have a great trip!

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